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What Attracts Mosquitoes?

There is always that one person that seems to be the target for mosquito bites.

Are you that person that wakes up in the morning, and while you're itching from mosquito bites, it turns out you have more bites than other people? No, it's not in your head.

Mosquitoes are actually attracted to certain types of people.

Mosquitoes don't bite people randomly. You're probably aware of this if you are the only one

at that outdoor party that felt like you were being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

So, what makes one person attractive to mosquitoes than other people?

Actually, not all mosquitoes bite. Only the female mosquitoes bite, and they do this to obtain

enough nutrients to develop their eggs properly.

However, they consider a number of factors when seeking out who to bite. They are:


If your body generates plenty of heat, mosquitoes will be attracted to you. Mosquitoes have

eyes that are able to detect thermal sensory information. So, if you are generating more heat

than the person sleeping next to you, mosquitoes will bite you more.

Some people that generate more heat are; pregnant women in their late stages,

obese/overweight people, and people that naturally have a higher body temperature.


If you consumed alcohol, mosquitoes would notice. Researchers found out that people who

consumed beer were more attractive to mosquitoes. It is believed that the mosquitoes were

attracted to the increased alcohol content in their sweat.


If you sweat a lot, you are definitely going to be mosquitoes best pal. These are creatures that generally love moisture.


CO2 detection is the primary technique mosquitoes use to spot their host. They rely on

secondary tips to actually know you're human and differentiate you from decaying trees, cars,and other CO2 producing objects.

-Dark colors

Mosquitoes are attracted to certain clothing colors. They have really poor eyes sight, and spot hosts by comparing your silhouette to the horizon. So, dark colors stand out to mosquitoes, while light/bright colors blend in.


If you are moving around, it's easier for mosquitoes to spot you. If you are also gesturing, you might as well be shouting, "hey mosquitoes; I'm right here."

What are Mosquitoes Attracted To?

Okay, we have discussed the people more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. Now, let's take a

look at what attracts mosquitoes to your home, or that backyard party.

-Some mosquitoes feed on nectars along with blood. So, the more flowers you have in

your yard, the more it will attract mosquitoes.

-Plants that allow water to gather in pockets and troughs are perfect places for

mosquitoes to breed.

-Anything that can hold water, be it a clogged gutter, a damaged toy, or a birdbath, if it

holds water, then it will attract mosquitoes. Getting rid of stagnant waters in your yard

is one of the effective ways to reduce mosquitoes.

-Tall plants, grass, bushes, and weeds are hideout points for mosquitoes on sunny days.

The more you have in your yard, the more mosquitoes you will have.

-You may consider purchasing a bug zapper to get rid of mosquitoes, but studies

showed that bug zappers are effective at luring mosquitoes onto your property, but

only kill male (non-biting) mosquitoes.

Attraction or Reaction?

Sometimes, it's not the mosquito bites that raise concern but the reaction/effects of the bites.

Just because some people do not react to mosquito bites does not mean they were not bitten. Just as we do to a range of foods, chemicals, or allergens, we all respond differently to the saliva mosquitoes' leaves on the body while feeding.

The problem is that people who do not react to mosquito bites may become too careless

because they feel they were not bitten, and have no cause for alarm. If you are one of them,

remember that it takes just one mosquito bite to contract malaria or any other mosquito-borne disease.

What To Do if You Attract Mosquitoes

Nobody knows the number of people globally bitten by mosquitoes every year. But more

than one million people die from mosquito bites every year, according to the World Health


Even in the United States, where mosquito surveillance and abatement work hard to reduce

the effects, mosquito-borne diseases still take lives. This is indeed a huge problem. So, if you are one of the lots who seems to have more than a fair share of mosquito bites, experts say there are some things you can do to reduce the attraction.

Some of these things are:

-Shower after every exercise to reduce sweat and CO2.

-Avoid exercising outside where you'll produce a lot of CO2 that can attract mosquitoes.

-Wear light/bright-colored clothing.

-Avoid staying outdoors in the morning and dusk when mosquitoes are very active.

-Get rid of puddles and other sources of stagnant waters near your home where

mosquitoes can breed.

Another effective way to reduce your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes is to reduce the

population of the mosquitoes where you live. It's simple, when there are lesser mosquitoes around you, you are less likely to be bitten. A tested and trusted way to reduce mosquitoes is to call a mosquito control professional.

Mosquito Man is a licensed, insured, experienced, and bonded commercial and residential

mosquito control expert. We will help reduce the population of mosquitoes in your yard and

keep coming back for weeks to ensure you get long-lasting relief from them. We also have an all-natural solution that delivers the effective mosquito control you desire without the use of chemicals. A combination of natural essential oil repels the insect and keep your outdoor

experience bite free!

Please take the time to learn how to make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes and remove

attractants from your yard. Most importantly, don't forget to contact Mosquito Man to help you control and eliminate these deadly insects.

Mosquitoes are serious threats to the world's health and well-being, but together, we can

protect ourselves, our families, our communities, our cities, our nation, and the world at large.

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I’m so glad I saw your sign in a yard. I called and Diann was so nice and I set up an appointment. Kelvin came and sprayed my yard. I walked out my back door and I didn’t have to fan the mosquitos to keep them from swarming inside. I’m so happy I can sit outside without being ate up. I’m going to use the mosquito man from now on!! 😊

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